For a while, I was afraid about ordering this t-shirt because it was on the more costly side, but it appeared to be proof of receiving what you pay for. I loved the shirt material. Washed good (I believe they even mention preshrunk on them). The packaging was quite good (in contrast to some of the different clothes I've received from Amazon). I'm glad I decided for a round neck; it looked incredible, especially because it's a looser-fitting tshirt. Also, it's wonderful that they're created in the United States and are an environmentally friendly brand; that's generally a plus for me.

Review by Zonia

I prefer Kianee because no one will have what you're wearing since you customized it personally on their website! You shouldn't be concerned about crashing into someone wearing the same clothing as you because you personalized it or wear a unique piece of attire... duh!

Review by Ellen Yana.

Kianee delivered excellent customer service, which is difficult to find these days, and created a unique order for me, which I adore!! Thank you!! I'll be making use of them again and definitely order from them next time.

Review by Blaize Sam

"Excellent" quality tees at affordable prices. However, the Tshirt kianee service remains by far its most notable feature. Always very polite and friendly. You feel like a person they care about receiving a high-quality product for, not just another order.

Review by Alan watt

Nice t-shirts with great quality! The Kianee team always deals with us politely and understands our demands. In the past days, we ordered large amounts of tees for our Christmas party, and kianee never disappointed us even though the results were great. Their prices and turn over time is beyond compare, we highly recommend this brand to our family members and friends, they're LEGENDS!

Mulan lope