How To Design An Anime T-shirt in 2023

How To Design An Anime T-shirt in 2023

In 2023, which anime characters will you choose to see on your anime shirts? Which anime versions are you most awaiting? Are you curious how you will update your wardrobe with trending fashion in anime? It's visible that anime has gained popularity in recent years. The most incredible thing that hit fans' hearts is their fascinating art, captivating stories, and unforgettable anime characters. 

Find out how to create a cool anime shirt on the Kianee t-shirt website and ignite your creative inspiration in this post. If you admire anime, it's the best time to show your passion. Let your love for anime characters shine through by wearing them on your tees! 

The Anime Shirts Phenomenon

Before starting the design, let's take a moment to recognize the value of anime tee shirts in modern pop culture. Fans can show their love for their favorite anime characters and moments with these stylish artworks. Fans now demand personalized items that reflect their uniqueness — they are no longer satisfied with basic designs. Thankfully, anime enthusiasts have a platform to realize their artistic visions with the Kianee brand.

Getting Started: Your Canvas Awaits

Creating a mesmerizing anime shirt begins with an idea. The idea is the first step in making an eye-catching anime t-shirt. What message do you want to share with your shirt? Which TV shows or characters carry a special place in your heart? Before creating a design, you must have an overall sketch. 

Three essential things you need before you start.

  • Photoshop apps, you can purchase one or use Adobe's free trial.
  • Right and high-resolution image.
  • Right guidance.

The demand for original anime shirts is growing as anime keeps developing and new series become more trendy. Now, it's time to start designing anime characters with us. Here's how to begin:

Choose Your Anime Inspiration

Choose your favorite anime series, anime characters, or famous scenes that you want to show off on your t-shirt. Make sure the design reflects your style and tastes. 

Research and Reference

You'll need some inspiration to make your design stand out. Take some time to watch your favorite anime, check out fan art, and collect images that capture your idea. It is an essential step in capturing the spirit of the series.

Sketch Your Ideas:

Once you've got your ideas, put them down on paper. Draw rough sketches or then make digital drawings to help you visualize your design. The illustration doesn't need to be perfect — focus on ideas and put them down on paper.

Preparing Your Workspace:

When you know which anime shirt ideas you want, now set up your Canva setting. Create a new file for your anime shirts design dimension, which ranges from 12x16 to 15x20 inches. Remember to set your image resolution to a minimum of 300 DPI (dots per inch) for the best print result.

Tracing and Outlining:

It's easy to do tracing and outlining — you need focus and a creative mind.

  • First, you have to make a new layer. For this, click the "New Layer" icon in the Layers panel to make it. 
  • Select the Pen Tool so that you can draw detailed shapes and lines. It's on the left toolbar. 
  • Begin Tracing the anime image's characters or other design features. To learn how to use the Pen Tool efficiently, watch the easy YouTube tutorial video. 
  • Adjust the thickness of lines, and you can easily adjust thickness just by a minor change in the stroke setting. Adjustment will make your design appear more impressive.

Adding Color:

Pick the paint bucket tool. It will allow you to apply solid colors to enclosed areas, saving time and effort. Moreover, you can modify the tolerance level for better control over the filled area, allowing you to customize the appearance of your characters. 

Layer styles allow you to enhance your characters by adding realistic shadows, highlights, and gradients. They give your design a professional and polished look.

Adding Text

Incorporating text into your design enhances its meaning and personalization. It will give your design more uniqueness, whether you use heart-touching quotes from anime, the names of anime characters, or convey some message. Choose a font style that covers your whole anime theme, which can be bold, futuristic, or whimsical. Now adjust the size and color of the Text.

Finishing Touch

Review your work and assess your design for anime shirts. Do edit and make further changes if your design needs any. Save your image design in a format that allows transparency, like PNG or PSD.

Printing Your Anime Shirt Ideas

Now that you have finished designing your anime T-shirt, it's time to make it happen!

Look for a trustworthy company to print tees. Custom T-shirt printing is available on many websites — Kianee is one of the best choices. There, you can upload your customized design. Select the style of tee and size according to your taste.

It's time to place your order. Once you have submitted your order, Kianee will provide you with an estimated delivery date and total cost, including any additional customization fees. You can order tee through emailing us at or via phone at (469) 918-0162. 

Enjoy Your Anime Shirts

Not only will you be expressing your passion for anime, but you'll also be turning heads and sparking conversations with fellow fans who share the same love. Let your T-shirt become a statement piece that brings the anime community closer together! 

Conclusion: Wear Your Passion

Create Your Own Anime T-shirt! 2023 is the perfect time to express your passion for anime and design your tees anime. Whether you're an artist or just starting, Kianee t-shirts provide a user-friendly platform that allows you to bring your creative ideas to life. With endless possibilities and the ability to customize every detail, your anime art piece will genuinely reflect your style. Let your imagination run wild and create a wearable masterpiece that represents your individuality and love for the anime genre. 

Have fun designing

So don't wait any longer — get started today and let your favorite anime show inspire your next look!